Established in 2007,Sunveno specializes in the design,production and sale of maternal and children's products,such as diaper bags,baby carriers ,Fresh Packages,Walking Wings,Parent-child Bags etc . As a leading brand in the field of maternal and baby trave goods in China,we choose the best quality raw materials,excellent workmanship to produce the best products.We strive to make children childhood to become more interesting.

2005     Incorporation

In 2005, Qingdao Fangyu International Limited Company was incorporated, with “Sunveno” as registered trademark, concentrating on researching and developing mom-and-baby travel products.

2006    Employing American Senior Designer to Direct Design and R&D

Sunveno research and development thrive in 2006. We specially employed American senior designer to direct R&D in order to build first brand for maternity travel.

2007    China First Hip Seat - Sunveno Hip Seat Appeared

In 2007, Sunveno first hip seat as well as the leading one in China was born. It drawed people’s attention from all walks of life when came into the market, as it is bands- free and promotes baby bones growth. 

2008     Sunveno Hip Seat Became High Quality Brand in Maternity and Baby Industry.

2008 is a year for Sunveno honors. The hip seat gained recognition and honors at home and abroad. Meanwhile, Sunveno marched to internet officially. 

2010    Building Hip Seat lab

In 2010, many sorts of hip seats were researched and developed successfully. Sunveno became the leader in hip seats industry. At the same time, Sunveno invested huge amount of manpower, material and financial resources to build a hip seat lab.

2012   Sunveno First Diaper Bag Appeared.

In 2012, Sunveno first diaper bag appeared. More fashion elements and color aesthetics were added in traditional large capacity diaper bags, which made her a much-imitated one.

2013  Top Selling in Diaper Bags Series on Tianmao Double Eleven in 2013

In 2013, Sunveno diaper bags became top selling on Tianmao Double Eleven 

2014  Marching China Mainstream Maternity and Baby Chain Stores

In 2014, Sunveno enlarged marketing, cooperating with China mainstream maternity and baby chain stores. She has entered many large scale shopping websites, such as Kidswant, Orfila, Yiya, Yingbeier, Aiyinyshi and so on. 

2015   Employing Professional Designers.  Sunveno Marched into Physical Stores

In 2015, Sunveno employed Korean professional stylists to design sorts of diaper bags, which enjoyed applause when just coming into market.

2016   Awarded in 16th CBME with Best Service for Ten Years 

In March, 2016, Sunveno milk storage bags appeared. At the same year in July, Sunveno was invited to attend 16th CBME, with the award for Best Service for Ten Years.